• The Art of Inner Work – April 2017

    … Gratitude …

    Through gratitude we enrich our lives by
    acknowledging the goodness, no matter the prize.

    Gratitude is the doorway to the possibilities in life;
    an appreciation in the present moment without discontent or strife.

    To receive each moment in its wholeness and meaning,
    we deepen our experiences and evolve our Being.

    In gratitude, we embrace life and the gifts that it bears;
    enhancing our capacity to live conscious and aware.

    No matter what is happening around us, it is gratitude that sets us free.
    It shifts and transforms our perceptions and it changes the world we see.

    From the mundane to the extra ordinary, from the unpleasant to the miraculous dream;
    to live a life in gratitude is indeed a life supreme.

    Gratitude is the gift we share with the world as it makes all things divine.
    The more grateful we are, the more blessed we become; the more perfectly we embody our design.

    A divine design to see clearly what is and to embrace all that we see;
    appreciative and thankful for each breath that we take, so grateful to simply Be.

    Soulfully Yours,

  • The Art of Inner Work Newsletter – March 2017

    The Art of Inner Work

    … Intention gives energy direction…

    You are energy; energy follows thought
    Intention gives energy direction
    Whether you believe it or not

    Through intention you consciously direct your will
    through purpose, single mindedness and a devotion to fulfill,
    your Soul’s desire to experience what shall be;
    for every moment serves to set your Soul free

    State your intention; support the process of Life
    Express true willingness to be responsible for all that arrives

    When One consciously expresses intention
    in the form of statement or question,
    a doorway is opened that was previously closed;
    an access to knowing, understanding and progression

    We all seek to know what exists in the Unknown
    Yet, until we ask the question, it remains what we do not own

    Answers can only arrive when we are ready and willing to receive.
    You must ask the question to create the space; to envision, inform and perceive

    You cannot hear what you are not ready to ask.
    Be clear in each moment this is your one, true task.

    The willingness to ask the question is the willingness to fund your will;
    direct your energy in alignment with the Soul, to realize your purpose fulfilled.

    Set your intention, initiate knowing; for this is the Soul at play.
    Hold your space; direct your energy and you will never lose your way

    Soulfully Yours,

  • The Art of Inner Work – February 2017

    Who Am I?

    Why do you ask? What is it you seek to know?

    Once you become clear as to the intention in asking,
    what is revealed will become your perpetual unmasking.

    To know who you are you must know what you think;
    what you feel; what is true and what is real.

    This is the path to discover your Self;
    Who you are, What you need and How to heal.

    The Why’s, the What’s, the When’s and the How’s are
    the questions that stimulate, awaken and arouse.

    They are the gateways that create the opportunity to understand,
    life’s every experience for your self; first hand.

    Every question you ask becomes a request from your Soul,
    to acknowledge your self; to unveil your role.

    Who I Am is Who I Choose to Be.
    I Am Responsible for all that I See.

    We are here to become Who We Are;
    the Student, the Teacher, the Master, the Star!

    Soulfully Yours,

  • The Art of Inner Work – January 2017

    The Art of Inner Work

    When the pain becomes greater than the fear,
    we become willing to face what is real.

    What is real is what we choose to create;
    through what we think, what we do and what we feel.

    Pain is the great awakener; a mediator that asks us to see,
    the places within that we have compromised and abandoned;
    in an illusion to set ourselves free.

    Fear is the reason we create untruths and pain is the aftereffect;
    the consequence we experience when we sacrifice ourselves, in our need to guard and protect.

    To set ourselves free, we must acknowledge how we feel, especially when there is pain involved;
    for until we recognize how we deceive ourselves, the dilemma cannot be solved.

    Pain is a symptom that comes from our Source informing us about what is real.
    Feel your pain, face your fear and you will truly discover how to heal.

    Our instinct is to run and hide from our pain, to do anything to not feel;
    yet these are the ways we imprison ourselves and lose sight of our true ideal.

    Be willing to face who you are and what you know; be willing to let in what is real.
    You will discover the path to freedom; never fear the way you feel.

    Soulfully Yours,

  • The Art of Inner Work – December 2016

    We are energy, like it or not.
    It is the sum of our being;
    body, emotion and thought.

    When we live open and
    allow our energy to move,
    we receive what Life has to offer
    without a need to disapprove.

    All energy seeks to be experienced,
    expressed and let go.
    Yet we create for our selves
    patterns of resistance in the moments
    we choose to say no.

    No to our experience;
    No to how we feel;
    No to what the moment offers;
    No to what is real.

    It is resistance to our experience
    that creates unhappiness,
    suffering and dissent.
    In resistance, we close the
    heart and the mind, losing sight
    of each moment’s true intent.

    When we allow Life to disturb
    and disrupt us, we are blocking
    the energy flow. We are locking
    the energy into body, emotion
    and thought; leaving it nowhere to go.

    These become our habitual patterns,
    the ways in which we react;
    recreating for our selves over and
    over again, the energy we have trapped.

    To free our selves we must
    open our hearts, to let in what
    the heart contains; the joys,
    the sorrows, the judgments, the fears,
    the pleasures and the pains.

    We are energy and we are here to experience;
    to know, to understand and to feel.
    This is our purpose, our reason for being.
    This is how we become the Ideal!

    Soulfully Yours,

  • The Art of Inner Work – November -2016

    Our spiritual growth is the Soul’s opportunity,
    to come home to itself in wholeness and unity.

    In our willingness to experience what is authentic and real,
    we open our hearts receptive and unguarded, to everything we feel.

    To feel leads you inward, to the sacred person inside;
    to the spiritual One who remembers the path; your most trustworthy guide.

    You are a spiritual Being, engaging in a human experience;
    meeting yourself in moments of wonder and moments that are quite mysterious.

    If ever you question why you are here, remember the call from your Soul;
    to become and to grow, to experience and to know; this is the spiritual goal.

    In every moment, you are given a chance, to flourish, to thrive, to blossom and advance;
    to expand your consciousness from unawareness to truth, to grow beyond what you acquired in youth.

    You see, this is the point. You must question and investigate;
    for until you do you will never know your Soul’s true state.

    What is the state of your true happiness, what is the state of your welfare?
    You are the only One that possesses the power to answer your Soul’s prayer.

    There are many who are eager to tell you exactly the path to take,
    but this is the habit you must bring to an end; this is the habit you must break.

    There is no one on this Earth but you who will know the choice to make;
    to choose for your self is how you grow; it is how you stay awake.

    Make the choice to grow and nurture, to become who you are meant to be;
    your Soul will thank you and those who truly love you will most assuredly all agree!

    Soulfully Yours,

  • The Art of Inner Work – October 2016

    The Art of Inner Work

    The voice inside your head thinks you are absent; it thinks you are dead.
    It spins around looking for openings and opportunities; for the ways in which it can be fed.

    For you see this voice does not belong to you, it belongs to the many others.
    The Ones to whom you handed your power away, One after another.

    It must be fed by energies outside of your authentic Being, for the voice is supported
    through the habits of mind and does not align with what you are truly seeing.

    When you realize that you are listening to a voice from the outside in,
    is the moment you begin to set your self free to become who you have always been.

    Your true nature has laid silent, set aside by the voice within;
    for in unawareness and lack of knowing that is all there could have been.

    In the instant you create a space to observe and listen from the inside out,
    is the moment you begin to silence the voice and embrace what each moment is truly about.

    The voice has been your default, a way to evade your true experience.
    Embrace your life with presence and awareness as this is what makes you imperious.

    Take back your authority, be willing to know and to see;
    for you are the One you came to discover, you are the One you set free.

    No longer willing to be absent, no longer willing to live not alive,
    become the One who observes and feels, become the One who thrives.

    Flourish and succeed as this is your divine right.
    Silence the voice, embrace all that is and step fully into your light.

    Soulfully Yours,

  • The Art of Inner Work – September – 2016

    Where does One find Balance in this Game we call Life?

    The answer is a simple one and it leads to equanimity and freedom from strife.
    The answer is a simple one; It Is To Simply Be; the acceptance of whatever is and the willingness to know and to see.

    To take what life offers is our greatest challenge and our greatest feat.
    When we are willing to accept life just as it is, we become willing to embrace all that we meet.

    In resistance, fear, rejection and doubt, we engage energies that move us from within to without.
    The moment we choose these limited states of consciousness, we step away from what is real.
    We lose our balance and our sense of knowing; we lose confidence in what we feel.

    When we cannot see what it is that life implies, we take a step into our habits of mind; lost in the need to defend why.
    Conscious Awareness and Presence are the essentials necessary to Be; to understand, to appreciate, to recognize and to see.

    Living in balance asks us to trust and be aware, that everything we need and desire is exactly what life brings to share.
    To live in balance is to be open and receptive to the gifts life does present; for each moment that we live this way, is indeed our Soul’s intent!

    It is the choice we make in the moment that sets the stage for what is to come. For this is the way the Universe works; this is the way it is done.
    To Be or Not To Be, You are the One who will choose. You are the One to live this life. Will you realize or will you refuse?

    Soulfully Yours,

  • The Art of Inner Work – August – 2016

    One afternoon as I sat with a brilliant, life affirming physician,
    she stated that she was going to give up her practice as it had just become too hard.
    When I asked her what had become too hard, she was startled as she realized
    that she did not even know what it was that was too hard.

    She had never asked the Question!

    Your thoughts come quickly and disappear just as fast,
    you have no recognition of what they forecast.
    They affect your mind, your body and your spirit;
    they lead without knowing and you feel this and fear it.

    You walk blindly along, without presence of mind,
    to know where you are going or what you will find.
    You can only know the past, when you are lead unaware;
    when your thoughts are unconscious, you are not there.

    Come into the Now and be willing to Know; ask your self questions and you will indeed grow!
    Be sure to answer each question you ask or you will create a monumental task.
    A question unanswered becomes doubt and fear, so answer each question and all becomes clear.
    Ask each question with the intent to understand and you will determine your destiny first hand.

    Soulfully yours, Laurie

  • The Art of Inner Work – July 2016

    Why do we recreate the same patterns, over and over again?
    The answer is a easy one, it is how we were taught to win.

    To win the hearts of others, to secure a safe place in life;
    lost in the illusion of protecting ourselves, yet in truth we were creating our strife.

    When we live life unconsciously, the only choice we can make comes from habit.
    We are lost in our fear to be present in the moment, just like the scared little rabbit.

    We run and we hide from all that is real, unwilling to embrace what we know and what we feel.
    Never choosing to experience what the moment brings, we live in the past as we clip our own wings.

    Our habits of mind take us around and around to the same experiences, the very same ground;
    to places that we have already been, with no desire to go there again.

    When the choice is made to let in whatever life presents, we open ourselves to all that is promising; to real and authentic events.
    Events that offer new possibilities; new ways to see living. The opportunity to share who we truly are, present, receptive and giving.

    Giving ourselves the freedom to become who we were meant to be, asks that we release the habits of the past and listen to the Soul’s plea….

    “Now is the time, this is the moment to accomplish what you came to do….Be Who You Are, Trust What You Know. Let this be your point of view”.

    When you are lost in the unconscious habits of mind, remember your way through.
    You are never without, you are never lacking; you just forgot what you knew.

    Never again will you need to win for there is nothing for you to lose!

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