The Art of Inner Yoga
The Art of Inner Yoga creates greater conscious awareness in a disciplined practice that integrates the body, mind and spirit.

The objective of this Yoga is to bring the energy centers in the body into greater alignment; generating flow and flexibility through breath, movement and sound.

As it strengthens the physical body, it elevates the emotional, mental and energy bodies. This yoga works quickly to manifest change on all levels; resulting in healing, health and wholeness. 

Yoga Nidra
Known as “Yogic Sleep”, Yoga Nidra offers the opportunity to connect at a conscious level to the innate intelligence and intrinsic wisdom that exists within each and every one of us. It is a meditative practice that allows one to expand beyond the confines of the physical body and logical mind in order to experience feeling, emotion, thought and imagination without attachment or resistance.

When you learn to embrace opposing energies within yourself, you strengthen your capacity to remove negativity and create what you truly desire. You awaken that still, small voice within that always knows truth.

The genuine meaning of Yoga is “union – to join together”…this practice will strengthen your ability to explore and refine yourself so you may live in conscious awareness, creating a conscious life. Change the nature of your mind, your body and your emotions through the practice of Yoga Nidra.

Spiritual Well Being

  • Deeper understanding of Self
  • Mind – Body Integration
  • Release habitual patterns
  • Compatible with all belief systems

Mental / Emotional Well Being

  • Expanded Sensory Awareness
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Reduced Stress and Tension
  • Mindful Living

Physical Well Being

  • Improved flexibility, muscle tone, and
    nerve strength
  • Balance in all systems of the body
  • Increased strength
  • Higher energy levels

If you are looking for a direct route to manifest change, activate potential and release past patterns, this is a powerful yoga practice.

Private Yoga Session

A personal yoga practice designed specifically to meet the objectives of each unique individual. Along with a guided practice, a recorded Yoga Nidra Meditation and an outlined Kundalini Kriya, this session will provide the practitioner with the tools necessary to initiate a transformation of body and mind. 
  “It is never too late to be who you
             were meant to be”.  George Eliot

 The Art of Inner Work™

$130.00 / 90 minutes

To Schedule a Private Session-

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